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Big Moves Coming!

December 19, 2018

Bella Sudore is moving to Citrus County and expanding!  For years I've been building side businesses and doing my thing all over the place.  Well, I recently made the vast life-changing decision to combine all the things I love and expand Bella Sudore.  First of all, I am moving to Citrus County, Florida.  There the business is expanding to include not only mental health counseling and personal training, but now also adoption home studies and clinical social work supervision.  These things, I've been doing for years, but never full time.  That is changing in January 2019 and I am so excited!  More to come as the changes solidify but keep me in your prayers, please :-)

259 Days.......and no more counting.....

February 7, 2018

Hi folks!   I made it 259 days into my running challenge.  Then I could do no more. 

I started the challenge back in May to give my running new joy and it did!  I loved how many miles I was logging and really found strength in so many days that I didn't really want to run or had to get up early to get it in.  Many times I could have skipped it but those were not good enough reasons.  I found that in January, my knees started bothering me and I REALLY didn't want to run most of the days.  I still did, but the idea of it had lost its joy.  I decided, on a random Thursday, that I was not going to run.  I listened to my body and gave it a rest.  A couple days later I  met with my bff running buddy and we did a long run and it felt great.  I have not regretted stopping my running streak; I'm proud of my accomplishment and even more glad that I listened to my body and focused on JOY.  I've run several times since then, and honestly today, decided to incorporate that mile every day again, at least for a while.  I'll still be very active; I'm going to focus on some long distance cycling and my husband and I are planning on getting tattoos after our first Century ride this year!!!  

13 Days and Counting

November 27, 2017

Thirteen days from now we run the Florida West Coast Half Marathon.  Our training has been great and we are feeling strong.  I have continued my running streak with today being #181, I think.  It was been fun and has tested my resolve to stick with this.  Thanksgiving morning we ran a quick 5k at the Wiregrass Wobble then spent the rest of the day surrounded by family.  As we look forward to the rest of the year 2017, I'm feeling blessed by all that I have and the love I'm given each and every day.  I pray you are fulfilled and looking forward to 2018.  Peace..............

I'm doing a running challenge!


Running a marathon is very hard.  Training for a marathon is just as hard, if not more.  There are months of long and sometimes, boring, runs to get through.  When Carrie and I trained for the Jacksonville marathon a couple years ago we trained hard.  Unfortunately when we were done, we really didn't like running too much any more.  So when it came to training for our Celebration marathon this past winter, we were both still not very into it and didn't train well.  We have continued to get together every other week and run, but often these turn into nice slow runs full of conversation.  So on my birthday, I decided to run every day for at least a month.  I'm happy to say that today was day 19 in a row!  On day four, it struck me that I wasn't injured!  I had had an idea that my old body needed lots of rest and would be wounded if I ran more than two days in a row so for years I have not.  Well, here I am at day 19 and doing well.  It has actually given me a chance to test out shoes and different insoles since I'm only running "at least" one mile daily I don't have to push it too much.   Some days one mile is all I do.  Today I ran almost 4 1/2 and felt great.  I plan to get my 30 days in and keep going.  It has made me like running again, because I have a new goal, I think.  Whatever the reason, I'm happy running again!!

By the way, I've written a series of children's books....Check out www.ABoyNamedJack.us

Where has the time gone?!?!?!

February 4, 2017

I cannot believe it has been so long since I've updated the news here.  I have been busy, I promise.  Since October 2014, I've had the endless joy of watching my amazing grandson learn and grow.  There is no greater thrill.  I've spent most of my time helping clients through Bella Sudore and just this last summer decided to tackle another marathon.  Well......6 weeks before the big race I got injured so Carrie and I ended up only walking the half.  I was pleased that I could do that without pain.  We've decided no more January marathons as it seems we bring the rain with us which is never that much fun.  This day was cold and wet from the beginning.   My BFF made the day wonderful.

 I've got some personal and fitness challenges I'm taking on this year, but hope not to be gone from here so long.  Be blessed and live passionately.

Boy, have we been busy!

October 25, 2014

What a year!  Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but 2014 has kept me on my toes.  Began the year strong with a marathon finish, soggy and exhausted, but with medal around us.  Thanks to Carrie for pulling me through those miles.  My youngest graduated from high school, my husband and I vacationed in Maine, and then summer was over.  College started for some, I injured my knee pretty severely, and I became a grandmother (joy!!) before most of us took a cruise to relax.  Somewhere in there Bella Sudore became pretty busy with workouts 4 nights a week!  I'm having a blast and loving life.  I hope this year has been good for you and I'l keep this news section up to date more often in the coming months.  Peace!

Running friends are the best

November 24, 2013

We did it!  Special thanks to my husband for getting up (too) early to take me to St. Petersburg for my annual running of the Women's Half Marathon.  It was a beautiful day to run along the water.  The company was great as well.  Carrie and I ran step for step and finished 8 minutes faster than last year.  This was Nancy's first race ever and she opted for the 5k.  She has since told me she has been bitten by the racing bug!  No better bug, I say!!  Thanks for the great day.....I'm already signed up for next year's race............How about you?

A good day for a run!

November 2, 2013

It's really no surprise, but it rained today.  Rains alot in Florida, but in early November a cool, drizzling morning was a call to get out the door.  I got my youngest to the school for early morning testing, then my husband off for a hunting trip.  I pulled on my shoes, plugged in the iPod and headed out the door for a few.  Ended up getting in a solid 8 miles.  Was so great to lift my face to heaven and feel the coolness of the drops on my face.  How did you start your day??

What is YOUR reason?

October 19, 2013

I run for Hanna's mom.

That's right.  I love to run and I run for fitness and to push my body and mind to new limits, but I always run my races for Hanna's mom.  Hanna's mom beat breast cancer and then became pregnant.  While in the hospital trying to keep her baby on the inside, I met Hanna's mom.  Hanna was born early, and unfortunately before she could be discharged from the hospital to her mother, Hanna's mom was diagnosed with lung cancer.  I run for Hanna's mom with honor because she couldn't.  I run for Hanna's mom because the strength she didn't have, I did.  What is your reason?  It doesn't have to be any noble reason, but you must have a reason.  Life has purpose and one quest is to find that purpose.  I hope you find your reason to push, to strive, to work hard.  THAT finish line is the most satisfying.  

Join me Saturday October 19 in San Antonio FL at the Rattlesnake 5 miler!

Fizz and Fashion

September 24, 2013

Although I won't have a table or booth, I will be at the 2013 Fizz and Fashion Expo on Sunday, October 6th, 2013 at the Hunters Green Country Club in New Tampa.  This event runs from 1pm-4pm and is designed to showcase local businesses and will provide financial support to The Sunrise Women's Shelter.  Cost is $10 per ticket.  Come join this wonderful event and support women!

If not now, WHY NOT?

September 21, 2013

We so often put off what we want to do or know we should do because of many reasons:  School has just started back and the kids are very involved in all sorts of activities.  It's too hot right now.  The holidays are coming and I'm so busy.  I just don't have time.  Well, do you have time to be sick?  Wouldn't you be better served if you put some effort into taking care of yourself?  When I began running I started getting up at 4am to get most of my runs in before I went to work and in Florida that is definitely the coolest time of day.  It was not taking time from any family needs and it allowed me to spend some quality "me" time.  I still love those early morning runs.  I get to work with an extra spring in my step and feel like there is absolutely nothing that could get in my way.  

Don't let the fret of the day get in the way of taking care of yourself.  You'll be in a much better position to give to others.


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